ChallengePortfolio_SPRAY 2

The “macho” man is a thing of the past. STR8 launched a new product line, aiming to reach consumers more eager than ever before to express themselves and share their feelings. The challenge was to find these new men, potential STR8 consumers, and speak their language in order to convince them to adopt the STR8 concept and, consequently, the STR8 brand.



We created a campaign for STR8 where users can express their truth, inspired by motivational quotes and images commonly shared on social media. No hesitation, no second thoughts and no filters. The sprayyourtruth campaign was launched in several countries and enabled users to upload their own truth with photo and text.



The results were impressive:

  • Campaign launched in 5 countries
  • More than 10.000 photos uploaded
  • More than 4% of engagement
  • More than 300.000 visitors