Tommy Hilfiger – xGiGi Collection



Our challenge was to promote the new Collection of Tommy Hilfiger, GiGi Hadid Studio. The new collection introduced to the most important and well-known Greek fashion bloggers in a unique event where we had to find an innovative way to engage with them. The next step was to broaden our audience and introduce the new collection to all Tommy Hilfiger lovers!


DigitalWise created an application where you had to create your own unique style only with the items of the new collection of GiGi Hadid. The Application enabled users to walk through the entire collection and choose their best. The interaction with the application happened at the event where fashion bloggers had the chance to play with the collection in big screens and post live their styles in Facebook and Instagram.

DigitalWise performed used Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Canvas Advertising and Google Display Network and to increase awareness and participations which increased email database