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An international B2B firm wanted to create an unbranded content platform to increase awareness, sales and industry knowledge.

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    Royal IHC

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    Content marketing based on personas
    Website creation
    Increase sales leads
    Social media management
    Video creation

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    iab stelios iab stelios



We designed and implemented an integrated digital strategy that included a creative approach to website’s design and functionality, based on «audience personas», logo creation and visual identity, content creation strategy, media and SEO. The launch campaign also included animation video. The platform aims to be a training hub for different users, from the construction, engineering, investors, and local authorities sectors involved in projects that require water to be drained.


Equipment Selector

We designed and implemented a tool that helps the user to determine which one is the most suitable vessel for his project. By filling in basic project characteristics, production details and operational time, the required production in m3 per hour will be calculated. In addition, a recommendation will be given with the optimal discharge diameter, or hopper capacity, for his operations.



The main focus is to coordinate weekly articles that inform and train the audience about dredging, along with promoting social media strategy and regular newsletter delivery.



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